Types Of Hinduism | Full List & Guide

Hinduism is one of the oldest and most complex religions in the world. It is a diverse and multifaceted religion with a rich history and a wide range of beliefs and practices. Hinduism is not a single, monolithic religion, but rather a collection of different religious traditions and philosophies that have evolved over time. There … Read more

Do Hindus Believe In God?

Does Hinduism follow the same God as Christianity, or do Hindus believe in a separate God entirely? Yes, Nearly all Hindus do believe in God, however, the nature of which particular deity they believe in can vary. Traditionally, Hinduism has been considered to worship many gods, otherwise known as polytheistic. However, it may be better … Read more

Do Hindus Celebrate Easter?

If you’re curious about Hinduism, and their similarities with other religions, you must also wonder if they celebrate the same holy festivals and holidays, for example Easter. This begs the question; do Hindus celebrate Easter? Hindus in India and all over the world not only celebrate Easter but also other religious festivals and holidays with … Read more

Do Hindus Eat Meat?

There are many religions that have rules around diet, whether those rules revolve around what can or can’t be consumed or give preparation suggestions for certain dishes. One common assumption is that Hindus are vegetarians, but do Hindus eat meat? A lot of Hindus don’t eat meat, but it’s not because it’s required of the … Read more

Do Hindus Celebrate Christmas?

Hinduism worships a single deity but recognizes other gods as well. They believe there are many paths to reach god. Do Hindus celebrate the Christmas Holiday?  No, Hindus don’t celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a Christian holiday that is not celebrated in Hinduism. Hindus celebrate Diwali the Annual Festival of Lights. Diwali falls in November and … Read more

Do Hindus Celebrate EID?

The holidays of different cultures are part of what makes the rich tapestry of life so beautiful and interesting, but not everybody will participate in every celebration. You might be wondering, do Hindus celebrate Eid? No, while Hindus do not celebrate EID in a religious way, they respect and appreciate the holiday, and can even … Read more

Do Hindus Circumcise?

Circumcision is a practice that is widely practiced by some religions and communities but is strictly avoided by others. The reasons behind practicing – or avoiding circumcision can vary and are usually based on religious rulings or personal preference. Do Hindus circumcise? The majority of Hindus do not circumcise since their religion hasn’t made it … Read more

Do Hindus Drink Milk?

India is known as one of the spiritual heartlands of the world, thanks to its various traditions and religions, all having multiple things in common such as non-violence towards people and animals. While Hinduism is known for its non-carnivorous diet, do they drink milk? Yes, Hindus do drink milk. Many Hindus follow a vegetarian diet, … Read more

Are Hindus Polytheistic?

Hinduism is frequently misunderstood as a polytheistic faith. Why do Hindus have so many gods? No, Hinduism is not polytheistic. Hinduism is a henotheistic monotheistic religion. Henotheism, meaning “one God,” is a better term to explain the Hindu point of view. It represents the adoration of one God while keeping the door open to the existence of … Read more

Can Hindus Get Tattoos?

While tattoos amid sailors and motorcycle groups may seem the most evident to a person living in the West, many societies, especially the Hindus, have long seen tattoos as necessary assistance in life and even passports into the realm beyond death. Yes, Hindus can have tattoos. Hinduism is the basis of many iconic tattoo designs, … Read more