Do Buddhists Fast?

Fasting is a practice many religions participate in for various reasons. One of the most popular religions in the world is Buddhism. Do Buddhists practice fasting, and if so, why do they do this? Yes, fasting is an important practice in Buddhism and is practiced quite often. In fact, it is practiced so often that … Read more

Do Buddhists Celebrate Christmas?

Buddhism has many different beliefs and practices than other religions, making it unique. One popular holiday is Christmas. Do Buddhists celebrate Christmas, or do they celebrate another holiday instead? Yes, many Buddhists celebrate Christmas, but not all of them do. However, when Buddhists celebrate Christmas, they don’t do it in a Christian way. They have … Read more

Can Buddhists Get Tattoos?

Tattoos used to be seen as a rebellious act, and they often brought about judgment by people who didn’t understand the art form. Now, tattoos are much more appreciated, though some religions have rules about tattoos. One might wonder, can Buddhists get tattoos? Yes, Buddhists are allowed to get tattoos and they won’t violate religious … Read more

Do Buddhists Eat Meat?

Buddhism is known to be a peaceful religion and is one with very important practices that must be followed. One such tenet of importance is the Buddhist diet. For instance, do Buddhists eat meat? Yes, Buddhists can eat meat but most do not. Meat is not strictly forbidden by religious doctrine, although taking the life … Read more

Do Buddhists Believe In Reincarnation?

The concept of reincarnation and its possibilities have fascinated many for centuries, whether because of their faith or because of their natural curiosity. Reincarnation has often been associated with Buddhism, but do Buddhists believe in reincarnation? No, Buddhists don’t actually believe in the commonly understood form of reincarnation, where when you die, you come back … Read more

Do Buddhists Believe In Heaven?

There are countless religions in the world. One of the most popular religions is Buddhism, which originates from ancient India. As Buddhism is one of the largest religions in the world, they have many practices and beliefs. But do Buddhists believe in heaven? No, Buddhists do not believe in heaven. They do not believe in … Read more

Can Buddhists Have Sex?  

It almost feels inevitable that talk about religion – any religion – inevitably turns to their views on sex, even when you’re talking about a faith that prides itself on enlightenment like Buddhism. People want to know, though, whether or not Buddhists are allowed to have sex and if they are, whether are there any … Read more

Do Buddhists Believe In Jesus? 

No, while Buddhists, in general, do not believe in Jesus Christ being the Son of God sent down to earth to save the world from sin, they do believe that he existed. They believe that Jesus Christ was an important man that walked the earth, that he was wise, and that he was holy and … Read more

Do Buddhists Drink Alcohol?  

Believe it or not, the relationship that Buddhists have with alcohol is sometimes seen as contradictory. On the one hand, the teachings of Buddha (as well as The Fifth Precept of Buddhism) clearly state that intoxication should be avoided entirely by practicing Buddhists. On the other hand, though, many Buddhists – historical and current – … Read more

Do Buddhists Believe In Karma?  

Though there is a lot of fluidity and flexibility in the Buddhist belief system, there is one immutable law and core tenant for this faith and that’s the law of karma. Yes, Buddhists believe in karma. Karma isn’t just a part of Buddhism, it is a bedrock component of the faith and one of the … Read more