Do Jews Believe In God?

Many religions in the world have created traditions and faith systems to help them connect with higher purposes. While some believe in “the universe,” others worship a being known to them as God. Yes, The Jewish religion does believe in God. They pray to God and worship God in the traditions of their religion, which … Read more

Do Jews Believe In The Bible?

The Jewish faith follows the Ten Commandments given to Moses, which are the same Ten Commandments that Christians follow. Wait a minute, do Jews believe in the Bible? Jews do believe in the Bible. The Jewish Torah, Nevi’im, and Ketuvim make up a large portion of the Old Testament of the Bible. This shared written … Read more

Do Jews Believe In An Afterlife?

Beliefs about the afterlife are at the center of theology for many religions. However, despite the emphasis on this topic and the frequency of the debate, there are many differing views on the afterlife. Yes, Jews believe that an afterlife exists. In all sects of Judaism, it is agreed upon that God decides what will … Read more

Do Jews Drink Alcohol?

Different religions have different rules about what you can and cannot eat and drink, and some forbid the consumption of alcoholic beverages entirely. You might be wondering, though, do Jews drink alcohol? Yes, Jews can drink alcohol. The religion of Judaism does not forbid or restrict the consumption of alcohol, however, there are some general … Read more

Do Jewish People Pray?  

Those following the Jewish faith live around the world. There are over 14 million Jews globally. But you may wonder if Jewish people pray the same way other religions do. Jewish people do indeed pray. They pray both individually and together in groups. Some Jewish people pray at least three times a day, often using … Read more

Are Jews Vegetarians?

One of the interesting aspects of the Jewish lifestyle is the concept of ‘kosher’ which refers to food following certain restrictions. Some religions such as Hinduism prohibit meat consumption entirely, but are Jews vegetarian as well? What does the Torah say about this? No, While some abstain from all kinds of meat, others prefer meat … Read more

Do Jews Celebrate Ashura?

Ashura is an important holy day for Muslims who observe the day with religious zeal and fervor. The day holds great religious significance for Muslims due to the historical events associated with it. No, Jews do not celebrate Ashura; only Muslims do so. The day of Ashura doesn’t have any significance in Judaism; however, Jews … Read more

Do Jews Get Baptized?

Are you interested in converting to Judaism? Are you pursuing religious studies? No matter why you’re curious, exploring the Jewish practice of “baptism” is an interesting journey into spiritual cleansing. No, Jews do not participate in the traditional baptism ceremony, they do partake in purification rituals called tevilah which is the complete submersion of your … Read more

Do Jews Celebrate Birthdays?

It’s a question that has perhaps crossed all our minds at some point: Do Jews celebrate birthdays? Yes, Jews do celebrate birthdays. Particular birthdays known as milestone birthdays are linked with Jewish religious duty and are celebrated by Jews with emphasis and ceremony. In this article, we’ll explore how birthdays are celebrated in Jewish culture, … Read more

Do Jews Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving has transformed from being observed by settlers in the United States and Canada to being a celebration of family and the year’s blessings. Typically, families get together and enjoy an elaborate meal while expressing what they’re thankful for. The Jewish faith has a lot of its own holidays, but do Jews celebrate Thanksgiving? Not … Read more