Can Catholics Get Tattoos?

Are you curious if Catholics can get tattoos? 

Yes, Catholics can get tattoos as long as they abide by specific conditions of the Catholic church. Tattoos cannot go against the beliefs of the Catholic church. Any tattoos on a Catholic person must be carefully considered because of what these tattoos symbolize.

In the Catholic church, a tattoo means more than its visual appearance; tattoos have spiritual significance.

The remainder of this article explores whether Catholics can get tattoos and what kinds of tattoos are appropriate for this religion, including the types you can get and where you can get them.

Are Catholics Allowed To Get Tattoos?

Catholics can get tattoos. Tattoos are not banned from the Catholic church unless they go against the teachings of the church.

Catholic people have strict rules for getting tattoos because of the spiritual meanings that come with getting tattoos. You may not go against the beliefs of the Catholic church, like purity.

Some Catholics do not consider it morally acceptable to get tattoos because of the direct teachings from the Bible and Old Testament. They will not accept it whatsoever, no matter the type of tattoo or location.

What kinds of tattoos are okay for Catholics?

The only tattoos you can get as a Catholic person are tattoos that do not go against the teachings of the Catholic church.

They must have good meaning and go somewhere that does not have a sexual purpose.

Remaining conscious of these things is important for Catholic people because their tattoos are representations of their beliefs and core values.

Some Catholic people are hesitant to accept tattoos because they consider getting tattoos body mutilation.

What are the rules for Catholic tattoos?

Catholics cannot get tattoos relating to certain themes, and there are a certain number of tattoos that Catholics may only get.

For instance, tattoos cannot be lewd or placed in suggestive areas of the body. It is also important that you do not get excessive tattoos, or you could be mutilating your body. 

If you are Catholic, it is important that you carefully consider the themes of your tattoo before tattooing your body, given Catholics believe it is sacred to permanently mark your body.

No lewd tattoos

Catholics may not get lewd tattoos anywhere on their bodies. Lewd tattoos go against their purity beliefs and represent things that the Catholic church does not believe in.

Keep your tattoos wholesome, and with meaning, so you can easily give hesitant Catholic’s a reason to understand why you got them.

Number of tattoos

If you are Catholic, you should only get a few tattoos. Keep them to a minimum since Catholics are against getting excessive tattoos. Excessive tattoos go against Catholic beliefs because they do not like excessive indulgence. 

The location of your tattoo

The location of your tattoo is an important part of getting tattoos because it can determine how the tattoo is interpreted.

For instance, getting tattoos in sexual areas is forbidden by the Catholic faith because it goes against their belief of abstinence and purity. On the other hand, tattoos in wholesome areas of the body can support the Catholic core value of purity.

What religion cannot get tattoos?

Orthodox Jews are forbidden from getting tattoos of any kind on their bodies. There are no kinds of acceptable tattoos any Orthodox Jewish person may put on their bodies. They cannot put them on any part of their body. 


Some Catholics cannot accept tattoos no matter what type of tattoo you get, so it is important that you take this under careful consideration before tattooing your body.

Other people believe Catholics can get tattoos if they obey the rules of the Catholic church.

It is important that the Catholic tattoos are wholesome and represent the ideals of the Catholic faith. Do not put your tattoo anywhere suggestive, or this could go against the teachings of the Catholic church.

In many cases, the location of the tattoo wholly represents the core values of the Catholic faith.

If you go against the rules of the Catholic church when getting tattoos, you may face judgment from other members of the Catholic church.

The main reason Catholics are judgemental of tattoos is because of the suggestive themes some people will get.