Do Buddhists Believe In An Afterlife?

While beliefs in the Buddhist faith (or, more accurately, family of faiths) are not necessarily monolithic, the majority of Buddhists believe that our death simply marks the end of one phase of our lives in the passage into the next. Yes, Buddhists believe in an afterlife, but do not necessarily believe in the same kind … Read more

Do Buddhists Pray?  

If you’ve spent even just a little bit of time researching Buddhists, especially Tibetan monks, the odds are pretty good that you’ve seen or heard about how much time followers of this faith spend praying. What you should know, though, is that prayer in the Buddhism family of faiths is not quite the same as … Read more

Do Buddhists Believe In God?  

No, Buddhism is often referred to as a nontheistic religion, meaning that the followers of this faith do not necessarily believe in a divine creator or God but that’s not necessarily the whole picture. Yes, it’s true that Buddhism began when the historical figure Buddha started out life as a “normal person”, gaining awareness and … Read more