Do Catholics Pray To Saints?

One important tenet of the Catholic faith is that there is only one God that is allowed to be worshiped. The Trinity made up of God, Jesus, and the holy spirit, is seen as one entity and the one true god. So do Catholics pray to saints, and is this seen as the same as … Read more

Do Catholics Believe In Purgatory?

Each religion has its own understanding of what happens when someone passes away, including where their soul or spirit might go. The Catholic religion very evidently believes that there is a heaven and a hell. But do Catholics believe in purgatory? There is some mention in the Catholic Bible of purgatory, but it’s not a … Read more

Do Catholics Believe In The Trinity?

It is well known that the Catholic faith revolves around Jesus, as do all Christian faiths. Different variations of Christianity have what they consider are other important holy people. For example, do Catholics believe in the Trinity, or is this something improperly associated with Catholicism? The Trinity is of significant importance to the Catholic faith. … Read more

Do Catholics Fast?

People of the Catholic faith fast during some parts of the year. Fasting is an integral part of Catholicism, representing abstinence and faith. Catholics do not fast regularly like some other religions, but they do fast during specific times. These popular fasting times fall on important Catholic holidays, like Ash Wednesday. They pay tribute to … Read more

Do Catholics Eat Meat On Fridays?

Most religions consist of a variety of traditions that, while very old, are not practiced by every person of the faith. One example of an old tradition is Catholics abstaining from meat on Fridays. Do Catholics eat meat on Fridays, or do they still practice this very old tradition? The practice of not eating meat … Read more

Do Catholics Eat Pork?

Are you a recent convert to the Catholic faith looking out for dietary restrictions? Or perhaps you are just here out of curiosity to know if Catholics can eat pork. The answer is actually quite interesting. Whatever your reason may be, the simple answer is yes, Catholics can, in fact, eat pork. However, there is … Read more

Do Catholics Get Baptized?

Baptism is often thought of as a cleansing ritual, consisting of being either immersed in water or having water poured on your head. Since Catholics hold purity in such high regard, do Catholics get baptized?  Yes, Catholics get baptized. One of the most long-standing and important traditions of the Catholic religion consists of the holy … Read more

Do Catholics Read the Bible?  

Yes, Catholics read the Bible – just like all other members of the Christian faith. While Catholics (like most Christians) have always valued the Bible very highly, there has been a bit of history with certain segments of the Catholic Church that haven’t necessarily encouraged those of the Catholic faith to read and study it … Read more

Do Catholics Believe In Reincarnation?

Like most of the people of the Christian faith, Catholics believe that our life here on earth is only one part of our soul’s journey – a relatively small part of our journey in the grand scheme of things, too. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Catholics believe in reincarnation (most – including the official … Read more

Do Catholics Celebrate Easter?  

Yes, not only do Catholics celebrate Easter, but it also happens to be the cornerstone feast of the ecclesiastical year and maybe the most important celebration to those of the Catholic faith. While secular celebrators of Easter usually embrace this holiday as a single day event, the first Sunday following the first full moon of … Read more