Do Jews Believe In God?

Many religions in the world have created traditions and faith systems to help them connect with higher purposes.

While some believe in “the universe,” others worship a being known to them as God.

Yes, The Jewish religion does believe in God. They pray to God and worship God in the traditions of their religion, which date back thousands of years. They believe in only one God and direct their worship to Him.

Jews do not believe, however, that Jesus Christ was God or the Messiah, as many Christian faiths believe. Let’s dive into more of the Jewish beliefs about God.

Judaism | God Beliefs

Judaism can be considered both a religion and a race. Amongst Jewish people who are of Jewish descent but not necessarily practicing, there is a population that does not believe in God.

Amongst the Jewish religious practices, though, belief in God is important.

Jewish people pray to God. They also read of God in their religious texts. This God is not seen the same way Christians see God, as many Christians believe Jesus Christ is God and Jews do not believe Jesus Christ is the God they worship.

Jewish people believe that each Jewish person can have a relationship with God. That relationship is often through covenants, like those that Abraham made with God. Jewish people believe that they are also connected to that covenant and God.

Do Jewish People Believe in Multiple Gods?

Jews do not believe in multiple Gods. It is an important belief amongst Jews that there is only one God.

Jews believe that their God has given commandments through prophets like those in the Old Testament. They also believe that their God has covenanted special promises to them, like those promised to the prophet Abraham.

Do Jews Believe in the Holy Spirit?

Jews do believe in the Holy Spirit. They believe that the concept of the Holy Spirit is the power of God. People can feel the influence of the Holy Spirit. They also believe that the Holy Spirit can rest on someone and teach them messages from God.

Do the Jews accept Jesus as God?

Jews do not accept Jesus as God. Many believe that Jesus may have been a wise man, but not that He was God on Earth.

There is a sect that accepts Jesus, they are called Messianic Jews. However, most other sects of Judaism do not accept Jesus Christ as God.

What Do Jews Call God?

Jewish people have many names for God. They also believe in using those names reverently. This means that in writing many Jews will not write names for God.

Even in writing the word “God,” they may write it as “G-d” to avoid casual use of God’s title and name.

The Tetragrammaton is considered the name of God in Judaism. They do not speak it or have a pronunciation established for it, as it is considered sacred.

The Tetragrammaton is spelled “YHWH” or “YHVH,” depending on the transliteration that is being used.

Yahweh is a popular name for God in Judaism. Yahweh is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Other names of God in Judaism include Hashem and Adoshem. Hashem can be translated as “the name” to decrease unnecessary repetition of God’s name.

Adonai is another name for God that Jews use. It is a respectful term that you will often hear used in Hebrew prayers.

El is also used as a name of God in Aramaic. It is often used to represent the God of Israel, as represented in the Torah.

Elohim is another name for God that many Jews use. It is used often in the Torah when speaking of the majesties of God.

Do Jews Pray?

Jews pray. They offer specific prayers for the beginning of the Sabbath, washing, blessing of food, and more. They often pray in congregations during their Sabbath services. Their prayers require focus and reverence.

Final Thoughts

Jews believe in God. They believe they can have a relationship with Him through covenants, and they believe that they can connect with Him through prayer in their worshipful services.

Jews have immense respect for God and seek to not speak ill or vainly repeat His name.

Jews do not accept Jesus Christ as God, and they wait for a coming Messiah. Jews only worship one God. Their faith highlights the importance of reverence and devotion to God.