Do Buddhists Believe In Karma?  

Though there is a lot of fluidity and flexibility in the Buddhist belief system, there is one immutable law and core tenant for this faith and that’s the law of karma. Yes, Buddhists believe in karma. Karma isn’t just a part of Buddhism, it is a bedrock component of the faith and one of the … Read more

Do Buddhists Pray?  

If you’ve spent even just a little bit of time researching Buddhists, especially Tibetan monks, the odds are pretty good that you’ve seen or heard about how much time followers of this faith spend praying. What you should know, though, is that prayer in the Buddhism family of faiths is not quite the same as … Read more

Do Buddhists Believe In An Afterlife?

While beliefs in the Buddhist faith (or, more accurately, family of faiths) are not necessarily monolithic, the majority of Buddhists believe that our death simply marks the end of one phase of our lives in the passage into the next. Yes, Buddhists believe in an afterlife, but do not necessarily believe in the same kind … Read more

Do Buddhists Believe In God?  

No, Buddhism is often referred to as a nontheistic religion, meaning that the followers of this faith do not necessarily believe in a divine creator or God but that’s not necessarily the whole picture. Yes, it’s true that Buddhism began when the historical figure Buddha started out life as a “normal person”, gaining awareness and … Read more

Do Catholics Believe In Evolution?

Are you thinking of joining a church or a Sunday school and are wondering whether they follow your scientific views and beliefs regarding creation? Nowadays – although any Catholic is free to believe it or not – theistic evolution, also known as evolutionary creation, is actually supported by church attendees. In the States and some … Read more

Do Catholics Celebrate Christmas?

With the Christmas season coming up, have you been wondering about who does and does not celebrate Christmas? Perhaps, specifically that if Catholics celebrate the holiday? Yes, Catholics do celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, on the 25th of December religiously every year. In fact, it is their second most important holiday of the year. … Read more

Do Catholics Celebrate Halloween?

Have you been wondering about the most controversial question of the Halloween season: Do Catholics celebrate Halloween? Sure enough, you’ve heard somewhere that it’s an evil holiday. But is that really the case though? Surprisingly enough, that is not the case. The original source of Halloween actually belongs to the Catholic Church. So, yes – … Read more

Can Catholics Get Tattoos?

Are you curious if Catholics can get tattoos?  Yes, Catholics can get tattoos as long as they abide by specific conditions of the Catholic church. Tattoos cannot go against the beliefs of the Catholic church. Any tattoos on a Catholic person must be carefully considered because of what these tattoos symbolize. In the Catholic church, … Read more

Can Catholics Drink Alcohol?

Being a part of the Catholic religion means that there are certain adherences you may oblige to from time to time. This includes attending Mass on all Sundays, fasting on appointed days, and confessing your sins at least once a year, but can Catholics drink alcohol? Yes, Catholics are permitted to drink alcohol, which appears … Read more

Do Catholics Believe In Ghosts?

Many Catholic teachings make reference to spirits, whether that be the holy spirit or the spirit of God, Jesus, or another holy person appearing to humans. Do Catholics believe in ghosts, or are their discussions of spirits more metaphorical in nature? There is no specific reference to ghosts in Catholic scripture in terms of whether … Read more