Can Mormons Drink Hot Chocolate?

Many non-Mormons are unaware of what their friends who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), sometimes known as Mormons, believe about Jesus, heaven and hell, or the plan of salvation.

They are almost constantly mindful of the Mormon health code, though.

Hot cocoa is a popular indulgence among Mormons. Hot chocolate is not prohibited under the LDC Church’s health law, The Word of Wisdoms, even though numerous food items and hot beverages are.

Let’s learn about why Mormons can drink hot chocolate, why they have restrictions on other hot drinks, and why Mormons avoid caffeine. 

Are Mormons Allowed To Drink Hot Chocolate?

Established in 1833, the Mormon church maintains a health code known as “The Word of Wisdom” that offers guidance to church members on what to consume and abstain from and the advantages of doing so.

Regular churchgoers contend that abiding by the precepts outlined in their beloved, age-old code shields them against potentially fatal modern addictions, given the increased accessibility of addictive substances.

However, the Word of Wisdom does not restrict caffeine or even hot chocolate consumption. In addition, it is undeniable that churchgoers enjoy chocolate and eat a lot of it every day of the week.

Whether they participate in them or not, members especially appreciate hot chocolate on Fridays and during their religious services.

Latter-day Saints and hot chocolate are so closely associated that Marie Osmond, a well-known American comedian, and church member, once referred to hot chocolate as “Mormon medicine.”

We are confident that kids wouldn’t hate seeing the doctor if all medications were as pleasant as hot chocolate.

Can Mormons Consume Hot Drinks?

Beverages that are hotter than room temperature are acceptable for churchgoers. Sacred writings also do not forbid anything to be cooked or reheated, even lunch leftovers.

The Latter-day Saints Church interprets the restriction on “hot liquids” to include tea and coffee, whether or not they are genuinely hot. On the other hand, it is generally accepted that drinking hot or boiling water, herbal tea, hot chocolate, Postum-style coffee substitutes, or malt beverages like Ovaltine or Milo is acceptable for a practicing Mormon.

In the end, Mormons generally agree to refrain from drinking tea and coffee. It is essential to observe religious laws for many individuals, and others can also benefit from living a clean and healthy lifestyle, which the Mormon faith emphasizes.

Similarly, the Word of Wisdom also refers to a “promise,” according to which individuals who adhere to these limitations would be rewarded with sound health, sage judgment, and a wealth of knowledge. Many Mormons believe that the benefit they get justifies giving up these items.

Equally crucial is their religious identity, which distinguishes Mormons from those of other religions and strengthens their sense of belonging to their community and as members of the Mormon Church.

Do Mormons Need to Avoid Caffeine?

Besides many other foods, “The Word of Wisdom” forbade Mormons from consuming alcohol, including wine, beer, coffee, and tea.

It may be OK to substitute sparkling cider and non-alcoholic beer for champagne, but these beverages should still be drunk with caution to prevent addiction.

LDS tolerates caffeine. Thus, products containing traces of caffeine, like coke, certain kinds of chocolate, and other drinks, are permitted.

Some Mormons, however, continue to believe that individuals may become confused if they even appear to be drinking or using illegal narcotics; as a result, they avoid contact with anything caffeinated.

Here, the idea of individual interpretation is equally crucial. There are many murky areas without any regulations, even though contemporary Church leadership has forbidden iced coffees and teas, vaping, and recreational marijuana.

The Word of Wisdom guides the members of this Church. Therefore, although certain acts are forbidden, others are not. The remainder is up to individual Churches, families, or even individuals.

Final Thoughts

The beliefs of LDS adherents on Jesus, heaven, and hell, or the process of salvation, are often unknown to non-Mormons. But they virtually always keep the Mormon health code in mind.

The Mormons love to indulge in hot chocolate. The Word of Wisdoms, the health code of the Latter-day Saints Church, forbids certain foods and hot drinks, but not hot chocolate.