Can Mormons Wear Bikinis?

Mormonism remains quite a mystery for some people and many do not understand the inner workings of it. But the religion is known to be quite conservative, so can Mormons wear bikinis?

In short, Mormons cannot wear bikinis but they can wear other types of less-revealing swimwear. The key to the religion is maintaining a sense of modesty in all aspects of life and wearing a bikini will reveal many parts of the body, which Mormonism would not consider as modest.

In the rest of the article, I will look at the general rules for Mormons who want to visit the pool or the beach and cool off.

There are a few options for Mormons to enjoy the water while also dressing modestly.

Mormons and Bikinis

Mormons are a religious group who primarily follow the beliefs of Christianity as well as the revelations of the group’s founder, Joseph Smith.

The Mormon Church, which can also be known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, does not have very specific or rigid rules on swimwear and clothing in general.

However, the Church does have guidelines which it strongly advises its followers to stick by.

In an official document by the Latter-Day Saints, called ‘Handbook 2: Administering the Church’, there is a section on swimming. It states that clothing may be removed for swimming.

Despite this section, Mormon women are encouraged to avoid wearing bikinis as it shows off too much skin.

Mormon women should try and wear modest swimwear which covers most of their midriff and has bottoms with significant coverage. Bikinis are off the cards.

Many years ago, the Latter-Day Saints Church advised women not to wear two-piece swimsuits at all. But, at this time this only referred to bikinis.

Now that fashion has evolved, Mormon women have a greater range of two-piece options with the tankini or even two pieces with full t-shirt style tops.

So, what can Mormon women wear:

  • One-piece swimsuits
  • Tankinis
  • Romper style swimsuits which cover their shoulders
  • Bottoms with significant coverage

Modesty is the key for Mormons to determine whether or not a certain two piece is acceptable.

Mormon clothing in general

As already mentioned, there is no specific dress code or clothing guidelines for Mormons to strictly follow. But their religion does encourage a need for modesty and conservatism when dressing.

The Latter-Day Saints website lays out some clothing guidelines. Clothes must:

  • Cover their chest and shoulders
  • Cover their stomach
  • Reach down to their knees
  • Not be tight or suggestive
  • No mesh, fishnet or lace

Women must also have natural and attractive hair, which most likely forbids dyeing or bleaching. However, there are no specific style and length guidelines.

The requirements urge Mormons to be natural and conservative, whilst also dressing attractively.

Mormon shoes

Mormon women can often wear whatever type of shoe they desire as long as it is conservative. Often for safety reasons, the women wear closed-toe and closed-heel shoes. Stilettos and thigh high boots are not a big part of Mormonism due to their lack of conservatism.

Mormon accessories

When it comes to accessories, Mormonism allows only one earring per ear and they must not hang lower than one inch for safety reasons. Despite a lack of clothing rules, tattoos and other body piercings are not accepted at all.

Women are allowed to wear make-up and are often encouraged to wear it so they can look their best. Again, it must be natural and modest.

Mormon men

Although most of these guidelines seem aimed at women, Mormon men are also advised to follow their own set of guidelines. When it comes to swimwear, Mormon men are encouraged to wear swimming trunks and board shorts. It does not matter about their top half as long as they avoid wearing speedos.

Mormon men in general must wear:

  • Wrinkle-resistant suits
  • Grey or brown colours
  • White shirts only under suits
  • Closed to dress shoes or boots
  • A short and tapered haircut
  • Sideburns shorter than their mid-ear

For men, some items are forbidden:

  • Suede shoes
  • Cowboy boots
  • Backpacks
  • Hoodies
  • Bleaching and dyeing hair
  • Crew cuts, mullets and messy hair

So, can Mormons wear bikinis?

Mormons can not wear bikinis because it does not fit in with the religion’s idea of modesty.

Just because bikinis are off the cards, it does not mean Mormons can’t enjoy the pool or beach in a one-piece or even a tankini.