Catholic Prayers For Addiction: Full List & Guide

For those struggling with addiction, Catholic prayers can provide comfort and strength. Addiction can be a difficult and overwhelming challenge, and it can be hard to know where to turn for help.

However, the Catholic faith offers a rich tradition of prayer and spiritual support for those facing addiction.

There are many different Catholic prayers that can be helpful for those struggling with addiction. Some of these prayers are focused on specific saints or patrons who are known for their intercession in difficult situations.

Others are more general prayers for healing and guidance. No matter which prayer is chosen, the act of prayer itself can be a powerful tool for finding hope and strength.

It is important to note that while prayer can be a valuable part of addiction recovery, it is not a substitute for professional treatment.

Those struggling with addiction should seek out appropriate medical and psychological care, in addition to finding spiritual support through prayer and other means.

However, for those who are looking for additional resources and support, Catholic prayers can be a meaningful way to connect with a higher power and find hope in difficult times.

Catholic Prayers for Addiction

Catholic prayers can be a powerful tool for those struggling with addiction. These prayers can provide comfort, strength, and guidance to those seeking to overcome their addiction.

Here are some Catholic prayers for addiction that may be helpful:

  1. A Prayer for Healing from Addiction: “Loving God, I turn to you in my struggle with addiction. Grant me the strength to break free from its grip and the courage to seek help and healing.”
  2. A Prayer for Sobriety: “Lord Jesus, I ask for the gift of sobriety. Help me overcome my addiction and find the support and guidance I need on this difficult journey.”
  3. Prayer for Strength in Recovery: “Heavenly Father, I lean on your strength as I navigate the challenges of recovery. Grant me resilience and perseverance in my journey toward healing.”
  4. A Prayer for Courage in Overcoming Addiction: “Merciful Lord, I need your courage to face the root causes of my addiction. Help me confront my weaknesses and find hope and healing through your grace.”
  5. A Prayer for Supportive Relationships: “God of love, surround me with supportive and caring people who can assist me on my path to recovery. May I find strength in community and fellowship.”
  6. A Prayer for Freedom from the Chains of Addiction: “Lord, break the chains of addiction that bind me. Help me to see the path to freedom and recovery, and grant me the strength to walk it.”
  7. Prayer for Self-Awareness: “Holy Spirit, grant me the gift of self-awareness. Help me understand the triggers and patterns that lead to my addiction, so I can overcome them.”
  8. A Prayer for Healing of Wounds: “Gracious God, heal the wounds and traumas that have contributed to my addiction. Grant me the emotional healing necessary for my recovery.”
  9. Prayer for God’s Mercy and Forgiveness: “Lord, in my weakness and mistakes, I seek your mercy and forgiveness. Help me to reconcile with you and find the strength to move forward in my recovery.”
  10. A Prayer for Hope and Renewal: “Heavenly Father, I place my hope in your transformative power. May I find renewal and new life as I journey toward recovery from addiction.”

These prayers can offer solace, encouragement, and spiritual support to individuals and their loved ones who are facing the challenges of addiction and seeking healing within the context of their Catholic faith.

Prayers for Strength and Courage

When struggling with addiction, it can be difficult to find the strength and courage to continue on the path to recovery. These prayers can help those struggling to find the inner strength to persevere:

  • Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
  • Prayer to St. Jude Thaddeus
  • Prayer to St. Maximilian Kolbe

Prayers for Healing and Recovery

Healing and recovery are essential for those struggling with addiction. These prayers can help those seeking healing and recovery:

  • Prayer for Addiction Recovery
  • Prayer for Inner Healing
  • Prayer for the Sick

Prayers for Guidance and Wisdom

Guidance and wisdom are important for those seeking to overcome addiction.

These prayers can help those seeking guidance and wisdom:

  • Prayer for Guidance
  • Prayer for Wisdom
  • Prayer for Discernment

Other Catholic Resources for Addiction

Catholic Support Groups

There are many Catholic support groups available to those struggling with addiction.

These groups provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences and receive guidance and encouragement from others who have gone through similar struggles.

Some popular Catholic support groups include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
  • Cocaine Anonymous (CA)
  • SMART Recovery

Catholic Rehab Centers

Catholic rehab centers provide a faith-based approach to addiction treatment. These centers offer a range of services, including detoxification, individual and group therapy, and spiritual guidance.

Catholic Counseling Services

Catholic counseling services offer therapy that is grounded in Catholic teachings and values. These services can help individuals address the root causes of their addiction and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Some Catholic counseling services include:

  • Catholic Charities Counseling Services
  • Catholic Family Services

Understanding Addiction

Before delving into Catholic prayers for addiction, it’s important to first understand what addiction is and the different types of addiction that exist.

What is Addiction?

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, addiction is defined as a chronic disease that affects the brain’s reward, motivation, and memory functions.

It’s characterized by the inability to consistently abstain from a substance or behavior, despite the negative consequences that it may have on one’s life.

Individuals with addiction often experience intense cravings for the substance or behavior, and may continue to engage in it even when it causes harm to themselves or others around them.

Types of Addiction

There are various types of addiction, including:

  • Substance Addiction: This type of addiction involves the abuse of drugs or alcohol. It can have a significant impact on an individual’s physical and mental health, as well as their relationships and overall quality of life.
  • Behavioral Addiction: This type of addiction involves the compulsive engagement in certain behaviors, such as gambling, sex, or shopping. It can also have a negative impact on an individual’s life and relationships.
  • Process Addiction: This type of addiction involves the compulsive engagement in certain processes or activities, such as eating or exercising. It can also have a negative impact on an individual’s life and relationships.

Regardless of the type of addiction, it’s important for individuals to seek help and support in overcoming their addiction. This is where Catholic prayers for addiction can be a powerful tool in the recovery process.


Prayer is a powerful tool for those struggling with addiction. It can provide comfort, strength, and guidance during difficult times. The Catholic Church offers a variety of prayers and saints to turn to for help in overcoming addiction.

St. Maximilian Kolbe is a popular saint for those struggling with addiction. His intercession can provide strength and courage to seek guidance and support in regaining control of one’s life.

Wearing a prayer medal or pendant with his image can serve as a reminder of his patronage and can be a source of comfort during times of temptation.

Other Catholic prayers, such as the Prayer for Addiction, can also provide hope and healing for those struggling with addiction. This prayer asks for God’s strength and guidance in breaking free from the chains of addiction and returning to the freedom of God’s children.

It’s important to remember that prayer is not a substitute for professional help and treatment. Those struggling with addiction should seek the guidance of medical professionals and addiction specialists in addition to turning to prayer for support.

Overall, Catholic prayers can provide a source of comfort and strength for those struggling with addiction. By turning to the saints and to God in prayer, individuals can find hope and healing on their journey towards recovery.

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