Do Mormons Gamble?

If you’re not a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, you might be wondering how to separate fact from fiction in terms of the rules of Mormonism.

For example, you might wonder if the Mormon faith allows for activities like gambling.

While there is no specific law or rule against gambling in the Mormon faith, it is highly frowned upon, and members of the Latter-Day Saints are encouraged to refrain from any sort of gambling activity.

For more details about the Mormon stance on gambling and related activities, keep reading.

Are Mormons Allowed To Gamble?

As a general rule, gambling is frowned upon in the Mormon faith. Gambling is considered an example of a ‘lesser transgression’, similar to drinking alcohol or smoking.

According to leaders of the Mormon faith, gambling is an action based on the ‘morally wrong philosophy of trying to get something for nothing or trying to take money without giving something of fair value in return.

What Kind of Gambling Do Mormons Avoid?

Members of the Mormon faith are against all forms of gambling. This includes everything from friendly poker games with no monetary exchange to state-sponsored lottery games.

Betting on horses, sports, or dice games fall under the same rule. All other games of chance are similarly frowned upon.

Members of the Mormon faith are also encouraged to actively vote against any form of legislation that might encourage the spread of gambling.

Do Mormons Get Involved In Things Like Fantasy Football?

Games like Fantasy Football are an area of contention among members of the Mormon community. There are elements that are reminiscent of gambling, which Mormons are encouraged to avoid.

On the other hand, many Mormons are involved in sports, which is also a part of fantasy football.

With the overlapping fields of sports and gambling, the involvement of Mormons in fantasy football is still a matter of debate.

Does Gambling Result In Penalties for Mormons?

Gambling is not encouraged, but neither does it result in a heavy penalty for active practitioners of the Mormon faith.

For example, even a Mormon who is a regular gambler can go to the temple and have all the privileges of the temple and active participation in the Church of the Latter-Day Saints.

Can Mormons Go To Places Like Las Vegas?

Mormons can go to Las Vegas. They can even enter casinos, though they are discouraged from patronizing the tables or the slot machines.

Mormons have lived in Las Vegas since the founding of the city, with Mormon missionaries coming from Salt Lake City to the Las Vegas valley.

These days, there is still a thriving Mormon community in Las Vegas.

Can Mormons Work In Casinos?

Despite the church’s stance on gambling, there is no rule against working in a casino. Mormons are permitted to choose whatever job they think will provide a good living for themselves and their families.

Working in a casino is no more frowned upon than working in a bar, or any other establishment.

Why Do Mormons Frown Upon Gambling?

Gambling is seen as a ‘morally wrong’ behavior that seeks to gain something for nothing. However, there is another reason.

Gambling has the potential to become addicting, much like alcohol, tobacco, and even caffeine. Mormonism frowns upon potentially addictive behaviors.

One concern is that the addiction of gambling, like any other addiction, can consume resources needed for other concerns. It can take money and time from things like caring for family, or caring for one’s community.

It can even damage a person’s ability to care for themselves and disrupt a person’s relationship with God and with the church. For this reason, it is considered a spiritually destructive behavior.

Final Thoughts:

While there is no specific rule against gambling in the Mormon faith, it is still considered a destructive behavior that is frowned upon. Strict practitioners of the Mormon religion are unlikely to gamble, drink or smoke.

Even less strict practitioners of the Mormon faith are unlikely to engage in gambling, given the Mormon stance on the morality of any addictive behaviors or attempts to gain something without a trade of equal worth.

Likewise, if you’re looking into establishing a statewide lottery or something similar, you probably won’t find much support among the Mormon community.