Do Mormons Go Door To Door?

We’ve all heard the stories of some religions who go door to door like traveling salespeople, but do Mormons go door to door?

Yes, Mormons go door to door to share the Gospel with others and increase their faith by following the rules. While the conversion results are often limited, many Mormons still choose to become door-to-door missionaries.

An average of about one-third of all young church members of Latter-day saints become missionaries. 

When you get a knock on your door and see a pair of men in white shirts with black name tags, be sure to offer them a smile they’re only trying to do a good deed for you!

In the rest of this article, we’ll discuss whether Mormons still go door to door and why.

Mormons Knocking On Doors

Sharing the Mormon Gospel is a pivotal part of what it means to be a member of the Latter-day Saints church. They achieve this goal by sending out missionaries to go door to door. 

Many have stories of residents hiding in their homes to avoid talking to them. Their crisp white shirts and black name tags are always a giveaway to anyone at home. 

About a third of Mormons go door to door between 18 and 26 for a two-year mission. Some older, retired Mormons take up the task again later. 

These missionaries receive:

  • Basic language training
  • Cultural training
  • An assigned partner
  • A location assignment

Why Do Mormons Go Door to Door?

Missionary volunteers go door to door in hopes of sharing their Gospel with the locals in their assigned area.

The goal is not necessarily to get more members into their faith but to share what they believe is good news. 

Mormons who have been missionaries have mixed opinions on the matter. Most understand the importance of it, but a few recognize that it has low results.

Very few conversions occur from these outings, requiring a daily average of 3,000 doors to be visited by one pair of missionaries to get one person’s interest piqued. 

However, the act is not only for sharing the good news with others. The outings help to strengthen the faith of the missionaries.

They face hardships while on their missions. They are separated from their homes and unable to call family except on Christmas or Mother’s Day.

Through it all, they remain faithful and can watch the results and do good in the world by sharing the good news. 

Why Do Mormons Go Door to Door in Pairs?

Mormon missionaries are usually sent out in pairs. Evangelizing in pairs helps them to keep each other on the straight and narrow. It is against their rules for them to be alone for long stretches. 

One of the main reasons that they get sent out in pairs is due to a doctrine received by their founder, Joseph Smith. Doctrines and Covenants 42:6 orders that they go out two by two to lift their voices and share the Gospel.

By going with one another, they will decrease their distractions by holding each other accountable. 

Safety is another reason why the missionaries always go out with someone else. Mormons are sometimes met with hostility when evangelizing.

Some have faced down the barrel of a shotgun on multiple occasions. 

However, there are times when Mormons do not go out in pairs. If an odd number of missionaries are at a certain location, three may go out to spread the Gospel together. 

How Do Mormon Missionaries Start Going Door to Door?

Prospective missionaries send applications to the church. Once approved, they receive a “call to serve” that gives them their assignment’s location.

The call will also describe the local culture to them and the language they will be expected to use while on the mission. 

Getting a “call to serve” is a big deal in the church of the Latter-day Saints. Relatives, friends, and local church members celebrate with the prospective missionary. 

Final Thoughts

While albeit a little less than there used to be, Mormons still go door to door in today’s world. Contrary to popular belief, they are not trying to yank you to church with them.

They are simply trying to share some good news. Be sure to offer them a kind smile if they come a-knockin on your door.