Do Mormons Own Pepsi?

There are conflicting reports about whether or not Mormons own Pepsi or even a portion of Pepsi stocks.

Since the Mormon church has always had rules against drinking caffeine, it is quite a confusing rumor.

Do Mormons own Pepsi or have any shares in the company?

It doesn’t appear to be true that the Mormon church, more often referred to as the LDS church, owns any portion of Pepsi. They don’t have any shares in the beverage company or own any percentage of the company.

Interestingly, though, the Mormon church does own shares in a lot of different companies and has a major investment portfolio. 

The Mormon church also seems to have relaxed their rules surrounding caffeinated beverages, which used to go against church teachings about how to treat the body. 

Why Do People Think Mormons Own Pepsi?

Rumors have existed for a very long time that the Mormon church owns Pepsi, as well as rumors that the church owns Coca Cola.

The origin of the rumor can’t be pinpointed, but it’s possible that the rumor has survived due to heavy criticism of the church.

Since owning Pepsi would mean the church was contradicting its doctrine, it would add fuel to the criticism. 

Can Mormons Drink Pepsi?

Mormon teachings have always stated that drinking caffeine wasn’t recommended because of the way it alters the mind and body.

Technically, caffeine is a drug, and it can have slight to moderate impacts on a person. If a Mormom were to drink caffeine, it wouldn’t be considered a sin. The church has also become more relaxed about their policies about caffeinated drinks. 

Many Mormons follow something called Word of Wisdom, which outlines a lot of ideology about what one should and shouldn’t eat.

It’s not necessarily doctrine that is held to extreme importance by the majority of the church, but it is something that has existed for a very long time. 

The origins of the Words of Wisdom are traced back to the founder of the Mormon church, Joseph Smith. He stated that it was revealed to him by God that his followers shouldn’t consume any hot drinks, alcohol, or tobacco. 

At some point, hot drinks was interpreted to mean hot caffeinated drinks, which then turned into sodas with caffeine. The Word of Wisdom also has a few rules about food. 

What Drinks Can Mormons Drink?

Most Mormons do not drink alcohol, caffeine, or soda that contains caffeine. It is not a hard rule in the church, so not everyone abides by it.

Those who do avoid these drinks do so based on principle, as the church believes that it’s important to take great care of your body. Part of this care revolves around what’s being put inside your body. 

There has also been a growing trend called Mormon soda, which consists of soda being mixed with a sweet syrup, such as Torani.

These syrups come in a plethora of different flavors so you can create a very unique drink.

The drink seems to have become so popular that people are opening up soda shops where they sell Mormon sodas. 

What Companies Does The Mormon Church Own Stocks In?

The Mormon church, as an entity, owns a surprising amount of stocks and shares in several companies; in fact, their portfolio is estimated to be worth billions of dollars as of 2020.

Some of the companies in their portfolio include major names like Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart, Mastercard, and Bank Of America. 

The church has come under some criticism for how extensive their investments are considering the fact that it’s a religious institution, and the church works closely with advisors to assist them in managing this portfolio.

Despite the vast amount of companies in multiple sectors it invests in, the church won’t invest in a company that goes against its principles. 

Final Thoughts 

Mormons don’t own Pepsi and have never owned a part of the beverage giant, but the rumor continues to live on.

The Mormon church does own shares and stocks in a lot of different companies, but they state that they don’t own companies that go against Mormon morals.

With soda, it’s always been discouraged to drink caffeinated soda, but the church doesn’t outright ban it.