Can Mormons Marry Non-Mormons?

The topic of a marriage between two people of different faiths is a multifaceted one, especially depending on how attached to traditional practices one might be.

It’s well-known that Mormonism has a lot of strongly held beliefs, but can Mormons marry non-Mormons? 

Mormons, those of whom prefer to be called Latter-Day Saints, are able to marry non-Mormons, but there are particular rules around how the wedding is able to take place.

It is the overarching preference of the Mormon church for members to marry members so the ceremony can be sealed inside the temple. 

Marriage is very important to the Mormon faith, as it’s considered part of God’s mission for people on earth.

It is also becoming less common for Mormons to marry people within the church, though the reason for this change is not known. 

Is It Acceptable For Mormons To Marry Non-Mormons?

It’s permissible for Mormons to marry non-Mormons, but there are certain expectations in place for a mixed-faith marriage.

The hope is that the non-Mormon would be accepting and respectful of the Mormon person’s faith and how important it is to them. 

Not all Mormons will agree on whether or not a mixed-faith marriage could actually work out, but there are no rules against it happening.

One rule that does exist for these marriages, however, is that the wedding can’t happen inside the temple.

Should a non-Mormon choose to convert to Mormonism, then they should be able to have their wedding in the temple afterward. 

How Can Mormons Marry Non-Mormons?

A Mormon and non-Mormon can get married outside of the temple.

Marriages in the temple are reserved for two people of faith, as it is believed that marriage within the temple represents an ultimate promise made between the couple and God to follow his teachings.

A non-Mormon technically could not make this promise since they don’t practice the faith. 

In order for a marriage of this kind to work, communication would have to be very open and happen early on in the relationship.

This, of course, would depend on how crucial a person’s Mormon faith was to them.

If a person is dedicated to the church and regularly participates, the non-Mormon is expected to not try and sway their partner away from continuing to fully embrace their faith. 

What Are The Rules About Marriage In Mormonism?

Mormons have a very traditional view of marriage, including who can and cannot get married in the temple.

It’s expected that people refrain from the intimacy of any kind before marriage, and it’s also expected that marriage is entered into for the purpose of building a family. 

It is also a belief that marriage is forever in the faith, as two people will remain married even when their life on earth is over.

The children born of these marriages in the temple are also believed to be bonded to their parents for life and beyond. 

Marriage is also not meant to be entered into without proper planning. The ideal situation is that a person has completed their missionary work before they plan on getting married.

It’s also hoped that the two people getting married are in the position, both in their faith and in the practical sense, to start a family. 

How Does Mormonism View Marriage Outside Of The Temple?

The marriage between a Mormon and non-Mormon is still respected and recognized as a valid one so long as the Mormon person is not pulled away from their faith.

It is also considered ideal if the non-Mormon person is one who lives by similar moral and ethical standards to the Mormon faith. 

It’s also understood by the Mormon church that some marriages, even between two Mormons, can’t happen in the temple for legal or jurisdictional reasons.

In these cases, the marriages will still be recognized as holy and will be blessed as if they were performed in a temple. 

Final Thoughts 

Despite how monumental and sacred marriage is to the Mormon church, it is not mandated that a Mormon person marries another Mormon person even if it is preferred.

As long as the marriage is built on mutual love, understanding, and good moral character, the marriage is recognized as a good and fruitful one.