Can a Non-Mormon Date a Mormon?

You met this great guy or girl the other day and are thinking they might be the one- but they’re Mormon, and you’re not.

So now you’re wondering, can a non-Mormon date a Mormon? 

Yes, Non-Mormons and Mormons are allowed to date as long as they are compatible with each other. However, Mormons date for the sole purpose of getting married, making it a fairly serious endeavor.

A Non-Mormon should prepare for a long-term commitment and strive to understand their faith before dating. 

You’re in luck! If you found the love of your life the other day or are hoping to meet a nice Mormon to date, you can- but you may have to compromise a few of your personal beliefs.

This article will go over the in-depth answer to whether you can date a Mormon as a non-Mormon, and essential tips for preparing for the first date!

Can a Non-Mormon Date a Mormon?

Mormons are allowed to date outsiders as long as their partner is well-suited for them. While the church has never prohibited it, many parents disapprove of their children dating non-Mormons. Most Mormon parents are concerned that the relationship will deviate from the future idea of marriage. 

At age 18, Mormon teenagers start dating with the intention of marriage. Dating for fun is a big no for them. The main and only goal is to find someone compatible with you. Family is very important, so relationships that won’t lead to marriage are meaningless. 

Aside from this, dating a Mormon as a non-Mormon can have other challenges. Non-Mormons may have to compromise on their own opinions and desires in the relationship. You will have to avoid the following:

  • Drinking coffee, tea, or alcohol around them
  • Watching inappropriate or offensive movies
  • Intimacy before marriage

Do You Have to Become a Mormon to Date One?

You do not have to become a member of the Latter-day Saints church to date a Mormon, but it may be best to work on understanding their beliefs.

If you do not have an understanding or much in common with their faith, you will feel uncomfortable around their community. 

One way to prevent some of the uncomfortableness is by taking classes about Mormon beliefs early in the relationship. Your partner should be able to help you understand anything you need to know. 

Once you know a decent amount of information about the church and its beliefs, you can decide whether to stay in the relationship. It’s important to be open and honest with your partner.

Talk about each other’s faiths and religious opinions. Decide whether you’d want to convert or not. 

How a Non-Mormon Can Prepare to Date a Mormon

If you are about to go on a date with a Mormon and want it to go well, here are three simple things you should do:

  • Dress modestly
  • Be polite
  • Be yourself

According to the church of Latter-day Saints, the body is the temple of God, so Mormons have a strict dress code. Keep modesty in mind while picking out your clothes if you want to impress your date.

Avoid anything tight and suggestive. For women, avoid wearing skirts that are too short. You could, however, choose to wear a lovely knee-length skirt or dress. Men should wear a nice shirt and pants or jeans. 

Mormons have a strong viewpoint of morals, so you should remain polite in your discussions, avoiding anything potentially offensive- whether intending to be a joke or not.

Wearing anything offensive or with a funny saying, too, could end poorly, resulting in losing your date. 

While you should avoid being offensive, you need to be honest. If you like to drink alcohol or if you smoke, your date should know.

These are things that Mormons disagree with, and while some will understand, others will not. It’s best to end the relationship earlier than later if that is the case. 

Final Thoughts

It’s common to find a partner from another religion. If you’re a non-Mormon, you can date a Mormon- but you might have to adjust a few aspects of your life to please them.

Before going out on the date, brush up on their beliefs to ensure you impress them instead of insulting them.