Do Mormons Fast?

Are you curious about the fasting practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? The fasting practices of Mormons have many people curious since fasting is a regular part of many religions.

Mormons are a devoted religion who abide strictly by the Book of Mormon and the Bible, making many people question whether Mormons fast as a part of their religious beliefs.

Yes, Mormons fast on the first Sunday of every month. Generally, the overall objective of fasting is to show dedication to the church and donate money to the poor.

Fasting brings members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints closer to God and helps prove their dedication to their faith.

This article discusses the concept of Mormon fasting. Continue reading this article to learn more about Mormons fasting, including why and how they fast. 

Is Fasting a rule in Mormonism?

Mormons fast on the first Sunday of each month. In addition to the first Sunday of each month, some Church members fast at other times as needed.

Church members may fast while mourning or when they require special prayer. 

Mormons believe that fasting brings you closer to God. Therefore, they face hardship, need guidance, or feel themselves growing distant from their Faith.

Additionally, it is common practice in many Mormon households to have family fasts, where the whole family partakes in a joint fast.

Mormons are encouraged to fast since the Bible and Book of Mormon teach fasting is an important part of worship, given Jesus endured and overcame a similar hardship during his time in the desert. 

How do Mormons fast?

Fasting typically starts the first Saturday evening and ends at the same time on Sunday. Members of the Church will go without drinking food or water for two meals (or a period of exactly 24 hours).

Depriving themselves of these mortal needs is one critical way Mormons bring themselves closer to God.

According to the Book of Mormon, you must begin the fast with a prayer. Otherwise, you cannot complete the fast.

The pre-fast prayer sets your intention for the fast so you can make your fast more meaningful.

The pre-fast prayer typically expresses gratitude for the Lord and all abundance received from Him, including the food they regularly consume. 

After the fast, Mormons take money that would have been spent on food and donate it to the needy.

These donations are given to the congregation leader and are known as their fast offerings.

In addition to connecting with the Lord, fasting allows Mormons to save money and donate their money to more meaningful causes like starvation and low-income families who would otherwise suffer from hunger.

Why do Mormons fast?

Mormons believe fasting helps them become a closer example of their savior, Jesus Christ. In short, Mormons fast for religious reasons.

Fasting is a way to further dedicate themselves to God and prove their devotion to their Faith.

Fasting symbolizes the 40-day fast Jesus underwent while traveling through the desert. Mormons spend time fasting on the first Sunday of every month to bring themselves closer to God. 

While fasting, Mormons spend their time contemplating and studying religious texts.

Reading Scripture and praying to the Lord while fasting allows Church members to grow their Faith and connect with their humanity.


Mormons fast the first Sunday of every month to form a closer bond with God.

Fasting helps connect Church members with their Faith by proving they can survive mortal ordeals like the one Jesus endured while in the desert. 

Before fasting, it is always important to say a thoughtful prayer with intent about why you are performing the fast.

The pre-fast prayer is important because it unites Mormons with Jesus, who underwent a 40-day fast during his time in the desert.

Jesus’ fast symbolizes his mortality, something that brings him closer to humankind. As Mormons, fasting unites mortality and spirituality.

Fasting has a strong religious purpose for the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

However, it also allows Church members to donate monetary offerings and provide for the less fortunate.

With every fast, members of the Church pray, study scripture, and donate fast offerings. These contributions show devotion to their faith and help those in need.