Can Mormons Kiss?

Those that are familiar with the Mormon or Latter-Day Saints (LDS) faith know that there are a lot of rules surrounding dating and relationships.

One of the rules that isn’t as clear is can Mormons kiss?

Mormons are not forbidden from sharing a kiss while they’re dating, but there are expectations for how couples kiss before they’re married. Intimacy of any kind is something that is supposed to be saved for a married couple, and that includes certain types of kissing. 

The intention behind limiting physical contact or physical displays of affection is to avoid potential temptation to engage in sexual activity before making that marital commitment. 

Are Mormons Allowed To Kiss?

A lot of Mormons will not kiss before they get married, but it is considered okay for couples who are on the path towards marriage to share a short, brief kiss. It’s frowned upon for two people to kiss if they aren’t courting each other or don’t have the intention of potentially getting married. 

When it comes to kissing, different leaders or elders within Mormon churches might have their own ideals surrounding whether or not couples should kiss before marriage.

Some might preach that it’s too risky, while others might not see a problem with brief kisses occasionally. 

Can Mormons Kiss In Public?

It’s not generally accepted for a couple to show public displays of affection, even if they are married.

A small peck is fine if the couple is committed to each other or are married, but they should always consider the time and place they’re in before choosing to kiss in public. 

Are There Rules Around Mormons Kissing?

Mormons are supposed to refrain from French kissing, lustful kissing, or kissing that lasts a long time and involves other intimate acts.

As mentioned, the concern is that intense kissing might make it harder for the couple to refrain from getting sexual. 

Sexual activity of any kind outside of marriage is considered sinful according to the Mormon faith and so if certain acts make it difficult for a couple to abstain, it’s strongly recommended that the couple establishes some boundaries until they are wed. 

Why Are Mormons So Strict About Intimacy?

In the Mormon faith, intimacy is meant to be saved for a married couple. It is believed that the acts were created by God in order to allow a couple to create a family and continue to spread the message of the church. 

While it’s meant to be enjoyable and pleasurable, it’s not meant to be something that is done simply because one might want to.

Mormons are expected to be able to control their natural temptations or urges until they are married. 

What Are The Rules Around Mormons Dating?

Mormons are able to go through the dating process much like people of other faiths.

It is expected that courtships don’t start until a person is at an appropriate age, which is usually considered to be late teens or early adulthood; the typical age is around 16 years old. 

People are expected to go into dating with the purpose of trying to find a life partner to marry and create a family with.

Often, a couple will make a commitment to “go steady” with each other as the male reaches 18, at which time he’ll start his missionary work.

Once he gets back from missionary, the couple will often begin to discuss marriage. 

It’s also not uncommon for dates to be chaperoned by an older couple in order to ensure that everyone behaves on the date.

The young couple who is starting to date is also able to learn a lot from a more experienced couple in terms of relationship advice. 

Final Thoughts

There aren’t hard-pressed rules in Mormonism that say no kissing is allowed before a couple is married, but kisses are expected to be short and sweet.

More excited and impassioned kisses are to be saved for married couples in the privacy of their own homes. 

Mormons are expected to approach matters of the heart with restraint and reverence, and that includes how they kiss, especially if others can see.

Once a couple is married, they are free to kiss the way they want to when they’re alone together.