Do Catholics Celebrate Halloween?

Have you been wondering about the most controversial question of the Halloween season: Do Catholics celebrate Halloween? Sure enough, you’ve heard somewhere that it’s an evil holiday. But is that really the case though? Surprisingly enough, that is not the case. The original source of Halloween actually belongs to the Catholic Church. So, yes – … Read more

Can Catholics Get Tattoos?

Are you curious if Catholics can get tattoos?  Yes, Catholics can get tattoos as long as they abide by specific conditions of the Catholic church. Tattoos cannot go against the beliefs of the Catholic church. Any tattoos on a Catholic person must be carefully considered because of what these tattoos symbolize. In the Catholic church, … Read more

Can Catholics Drink Alcohol?

Being a part of the Catholic religion means that there are certain adherences you may oblige to from time to time. This includes attending Mass on all Sundays, fasting on appointed days, and confessing your sins at least once a year, but can Catholics drink alcohol? Yes, Catholics are permitted to drink alcohol, which appears … Read more

Do Catholics Believe In Ghosts?

Many Catholic teachings make reference to spirits, whether that be the holy spirit or the spirit of God, Jesus, or another holy person appearing to humans. Do Catholics believe in ghosts, or are their discussions of spirits more metaphorical in nature? There is no specific reference to ghosts in Catholic scripture in terms of whether … Read more

Do Catholics Circumcise?  

The Catholic Church has historically sent out pretty mixed signals when it comes to circumcision. In the early days of the church, circumcision was considered immoral, sinful, and against the teachings of Jesus Christ. In later days, though, people like Pope Pius XII taught that circumcision could be morally permissible – so long as it … Read more

Do Catholics Pray To Mary?  

At its core, prayer is really just the method of communication with God – a one-on-one opportunity for you to commune and grow closer with the Lord. Sometimes people pray to ask for blessings, sometimes for forgiveness. Some prayers are given in celebration and some are given as a confession. Sometimes it’s just nice to … Read more

Do Catholics Believe In Jesus?  

It may be odd – at least on the surface – to ask the question “do Catholics believe in Jesus”, but once we dig a little bit deeper in this quick guide you’ll have a better understanding of why that might be a more engaging and interesting question than you thought initially. To get this … Read more

Do Catholics Celebrate Passover?  

Easter and Passover are closely intertwined with one another, and not just because they occur around the same time each year. The Old Testament speaks of the Last Supper, the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus that occurred before the resurrection, and in the early days of the church (the first 200 years or so), the … Read more

Do Catholics Pray To Saints?

One important tenet of the Catholic faith is that there is only one God that is allowed to be worshiped. The Trinity made up of God, Jesus, and the holy spirit, is seen as one entity and the one true god. So do Catholics pray to saints, and is this seen as the same as … Read more

Do Catholics Believe In Purgatory?

Each religion has its own understanding of what happens when someone passes away, including where their soul or spirit might go. The Catholic religion very evidently believes that there is a heaven and a hell. But do Catholics believe in purgatory? There is some mention in the Catholic Bible of purgatory, but it’s not a … Read more